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We want to be as diversified as possible! Whether you are a researcher, faculty member, student or practitioner, we invite you to join us. You'll be glad you did!

The 50th Annual ABCT Convention is fast approaching!

The 50th Annual ABCT Convention takes place in New York City, Thursday, October 27 - Sunday, October 30, 2016 at the New York Mariott Marquis Hotel. Convention details, including the meeting itinerary, are available by clicking here.

Our Addictive Behaviors SIG meeting and Coffee Hour is scheduled for Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 PM, in the O'Neil Room, 4th Floor. Our agenda includes a year-end review, student posters, awards, and a talk by this year's Early Career Awardee, Dr. Jen Merrill. Congratulations Jen!

We will also be trying something new this year: a student Data Blitz. Students whose posters were accepted for presentation will each be given three minutes to present their research questions, methods, and results to the group. You don't want to miss this interesting, fun experience!

Thanks to all who submitted poster proposals. We received 31 submissions and were only able to choose 12 from this extraordinary field. Nine reviewers each read 10-11 submissions. After standardizing the ratings we averaged them, and the top 12 were invited to present their posters. But as you can imagine, there were many more than 12 great submissions.

I'm especially excited to announce that a yooge congratulations goes out to Ivori Zvorsky, who was awarded the Outstanding Student Poster Award this year. Congratulations Ivori!

So thanks again to all who submitted poster proposals - and to our nine reviewers. Here are the posters that were accepted for presentation at the SIG-AB meeting and/or SIG Exposition:

Presenters Poster title
Erik Benau,* Bruce S. Liese, Paul Atchley, Derek D. Reed, Amel Becirevic, & Brent A. Kaplan Construct validity of a texting dependence scale that predicts motor vehicle accidents and moving violations
Jessica A. Blayney,* Tiffany Jenzer, Justin Kimber, Dori Marshall, & Jennifer P. Read An Examination of the NIAAA Screening Guide in an Acute Care Setting
Emma Brett,* Kasey R. Claborn, Eleanor Leavens, Sofia Carbone, & Thad Leffingwell Patterns of Substance Use among HIV-infected People Who Use Drugs Engaged in HIV Care
Jamie-Lee Collins,* Kara Thompson, & Sherry H. Stewart A Test of the Mediating Roles of Drinking Motives and Contexts in Explaining the Relation of Social Anxiety to Alcohol-Related Problems
Salpi Kevorkian,* Scott F. Coffey, & Erin C. Berenz Trauma and Alcohol Cue Reactivity among College Students Exposed to Interpersonal Trauma
Ioan T. Mahu,* Jennifer Swansburg, & Sherry H. Stewart Four-Factor Personality Model and Polysubstance Use in Methadone Maintenance Therapy Clients
Jessica L. Martin, Jeff Prout, Maria Hetz, Frank R. Dillon, & Melissa M. Ertl Development and Initial Validation of the Stimulant Motives Measure
Matthew R. Pearson, Adam D. Wilson, Bradley T. Conner, & Marijuana Outcomes Study Team Problematic Marijuana Use among College Students: Identifying Risk/Protective Factors Using Recursive Partitioning
Nicole R Schultz,* Drew Bassett, & Christopher Correia Pour Prevention: Using a Free-Pour Procedure to Assess Relationships Among Standard Drink Knowledge, Drinking Motives, and Alcohol-Related Consequences
Mark M. Silvestri Examining motivation to change among Veterans entering substance use disorder treatment
Ali M. Yuraseka, Bridget Nestorb, Hannah Gravesa, Lynn Hernandeza, & Anthony Spirito The effects of parent, sibling and peer substance use on adolescent drinking behaviors
Ivori Zvorsky,* Joan M. Skelly, Stephen T. Higgins Effects of Financial Incentives for Smoking Cessation on Mood and Anxiety Symptoms in Pregnant and Newly Postpartum Women

*Submitted by students, who will present their posters at both the SIG-AB meeting on Friday afternoon and then again at the SIG Exposition on Friday night.

Meet our Communications Committee...

We are delighted to announce that we have formed a SIG-AB Communications Committee. This committee has already accomplished good things. For example, we now regularly recognize students and early career faculty for their work in the field of addictive behaviors. Our Student of the Month is Sam Peter and our Early Career Faculty Spotlight is on Jennifer Merrill.

We have created a Communications Forum where you can learn more about our student and early career awardees. This forum is also where SIG-AB members can interact with each other. Send nominations for future Students of the Month to Elly Leavens and Ivori Zvorsky for the Early Career Faculty Spotlight. We have also created an Addictive Behaviors Events Calendar where SIG-AB members can go for scheduled events relevant to our SIG and interests in addictive behaviors.

And while we're on the topic of improtant events, the Communications Committee wants to remind you to start thinking about your abstract submission for the SIG meeting, as ABCT is occurring in October instead of November this year.

The following is a list of student Communication Committee members, along with their areas of responsibility:

Please be sure to contact any of these prople if you have any questions, recommendations, nominations, submissions, etc.!

Our meeting in Chicago was a great success!

Wow, we had more than 100 members at our meeting in Chicago!

Our membership is up. We now have 161 students, post-docs, and full members. This listserv has been updated to include all members. We deposited $800 to our bank account (so we now have a total of around $801 in the bank).

Thanks to all those who paid their dues while at ABCT in Chicago. If you weren't there or you didn't have enough $$$ on your person, please feel free to send a check to me, made out to "ABCT SIG-AB". Here's the address:

Bruce S. Liese, PhD, ABPP
KUMC - Family Medicine
3901 Rainbow Blvd. Mailstop 4010
Kansas City, KS 66160

Please note that we unanimously passed a dues increase at ABCT, so full members should send $20, and post-docs should send $10 for annual SIG-AB dues. Please be sure to renew your membership for 2016 if you were not at the Chicago meeting - we need it for awards, printing, our website, and other various expenses!

On another note, it was agreed that we would, as a SIG, provide feedback to ABCT in order to help them improve their services and annual meeting. Again, the purpose of this feedback is to strengthen ABCT and our relationship with the organization. The following are just some of the concerns that were expressed during our meeting in Chicago:

What do you think? Please let me know, even if you only express one concern. I'd like to be able to say that our concerns are shared by a majority of SIG-AB members. I'll compile your concern and I'll forward them all together to ABCT.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bruce S. Liese, PhD, ABPP
Leader, ABCT Addictive Behaviors Special Interest Group (SIG-AB)
University of Kansas
Department of Family Medicine and Psychiatry
Department of Psychology



Congratulations to our very
deserving 2015 award recipients:

Katie Witkiewitc and Barbara McCrady

Katie Witkiewitz (left) - Alan Marlatt Mid-Career Award
Barbara McCrady (right) - Lifetime Achievement Award



We now have an "official" listserv!

In the past we've used various mechanisms to simulate a listserv (e.g., copying and pasting long lists of members into emails and Yahoo Groups) but now we have the real thing, thanks to the technological generosity of the University of Kansas. If you are a member of the ABCT SIG-AB and haven't received a post yet from our listserv, please contact me directly ( and I'll sign you up.


The Society for Addiction Psychology
(SoAP; APA Division 50) invites
SIG-AB members to get involved

Students and Post-Docs invited to join free monthly educational conference calls

The Society of Addiction Psychology (SoAP) is Division 50 of the American Psychological Association. At our SIG-AB planning meeting last year it was agreed that we should collaborate with SoAP and at a recent SoAP meeting, the Executive Committee of SoAP reciprocated.

Our SIG-AB now provides SoAP with a blog, while SoAP offers free monthly conference calls for all students and post-docs working in addictive behaviors. These conference calls take place on the last Friday of each month at noon (CDT). Our theme for this year is the Visiting Scholar Series. For more information and to join in on this call, click here.

Interested SIG-AB members are invited to listen to all of the past conference calls by clicking here.


Upcoming ABCT Annual Conventions

50th Annual Convention, NYC - October 27-30, 2016

51st Annual Convention, San Diego - November 16-19, 2017

50th Annual Convention details, including the meeting itinerary, are available by clicking here

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