Division 50 (Society of Addiction Psychology; SoAP) Conference Call Archives

The following are SoAP archived conference calls*


Behavioral Economic and Public Health Contributions to Interventions for Substance Misuse – Dr. Jalie Tucker (December 4, 2015)


There’s more to a dissertation than research – Dr. Jennifer Read (October 30, 2015)


Research on the Effects of Alcohol: An Inside Look at a Bar Laboratory – Dr. Kim Fromme (September 25, 2015)


Specialized statistics training: What to learn and where to learn it – Drs. Stephanie Lanza and Kristi Jackson (August 28, 2015)


Five Controversial Questions about Addictions: Part II – Dr. Ken Leonard (June 26, 2015)


Five Controversial Questions about Addictions: Part I – Dr. Bruce Liese (May 29, 2015)


Bridging the Gap Between Research and Clinical Practice – Drs. Linda Sobell and Marv Goldfried (April 24, 2015)


Conducted Research in Grad School and Getting it Funded – Drs. Rob Leeman, Bettina Hoeppner, and Dustin Lee (March 27, 2015)


Getting into Internships and Post-Docs – Dr. Alan Budney, Dr. Mateo Pearson, and David Eddie (February 27, 2015)

*Please note that the opinions expressed by guests on these conference calls are not necessarily those of APA Division 50 (SoAP).

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